Our People


Habitat Cafe opens in October 2012 in the pretty town of Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire. We have a wonderful south-facing location in the town's central square, and seating for 35-40 customers at our handmade farmhouse tables & outside seating. Our entire cafe interior is completely new, and is currently undergoing a full fit-out including a well-equipped commercial kitchen, beautiful solid oak flooring, and over 7 metres of dedicated brewing bar. This will allow customers to experience our stunning speciality coffees and teas from some of the best farms around the world, in a relaxing environment. Initially we will operate during daytime only, and in 2013 we will commence an evening food service.

We are proud to work with Has Bean, Waterloo Tea and Kokoa Collection on our beverage menus. Barista equipment includes Compak K10 Pro Barista & Mazzer espresso grinders, a Mahlkoenig Guatemala brewed coffee grinder, VST LAB Refractometer, three Marco boilers, and a range of manual coffee and tea brewing devices. We take an equally serious approach to our food menu, and recruitment of our Head Chef will facilitate that.

So let's forget the 'we' thing. I'm Mike, and I own and run Habitat Cafe. I work here every day, and I'm looking for people who want to work here too. Friendly people, who will inspire each other and also customers with their positivity, ideas and energy. People who are genuinely enthusiastic about food, beverages and hospitality.

BEVERAGES, FOOD and SERVICE. Do you already, or do you want to specialise in one of these? As a career, not just a job? And not just to do it, but to be really good at it? To begin a journey of learning that will continue throughout your career in hospitality?

Beverage Roles - Baristas

Head Barista, Lead Barista, multiple trainees Barista. Full & Part Time opportunities can be discussed.

Throughout the world the barista's role is changing. It is a skilled job, which we view exactly the same way as a highly trained chef. It takes time to become a true expert in beverages, and experienced baristas are highly sought-after. Barista skills can take you around the world. We offer excellent ongoing training if you're the right person. Your role will include:

  • Helping select and refine our speciality coffee and tea menus.
  • Producing espresso-based drinks to a world class level
  • Using a range of manual brew methods to brew Gold Cup standard coffees and teas
  • In-depth equipment maintenance
  • Gaining a detailed knowledge of coffee and teas around the world from the farm through to the cup
  • Engaging with customers to nurture their understanding and interest in speciality beverages
  • Providing outstanding customer service and sharing all front of house activities
  • Cross-training in Food and Service roles may be required

You must love coffees and teas. That is absolutely vital as a barista (just as a chef needs to understand the flavours of various foods). We will help you expand on what you know. You must also be interested in sharing your enthusiasm with everyone who will listen, so good communication skills are needed. Prior barista experience is a bonus, but learning will always be part of your job. We expect every coffee you make to be exceptional.

Food Roles - Chefs and food preparation

Sous Chef/Cook - Full Time.

We need a quality-focused and creative chef/cook to initially help source and prepare our winter daytime food offering. This will include being a big part in the following:

  • Sourcing and preparing the finest ingredients for a fantastic series of small yet delicious daytime menus. In the beginning, a very special range of sandwiches prepared with artisan breads. Sandwiches absolutely must be unique, interesting and delicious.
  • Daily preparation of our soups from fresh ingredients, stunning warm & cold salads, BIG cakes and other sweet things for our Afternoon Tea menu
  • Speaking to suppliers regarding orders and quality control
  • Helping to create procedures to make our kitchen operations run like clockwork
  • Ensuring the highest standards of Food Safety and Hygiene.

In 2013 we will recruit a Head Chef to manage our kitchen and expand our offering. We will introduce interesting breakfast & brunch menus, and a fully licensed evening service specialising in the very best seasonal produce, directly from farm gates, award winning butchers, and freshly caught in Scottish waters. At that point we will mix things up a little and the Sous Chef's role will take on a new dimension.

We believe in constantly seeking opportunities to help all Food team members grow their careers, and offer flexibility to have a good work-life balance.

Service Roles - Front Of House

Service Lead - Full Time.

In many ways your role is the most challenging! You are the face of our business, and our customers' first and last impression. Do you have a big, beaming smile even when the pressure is on? Can you be like a swan - serene to the eye whilst paddling furiously beneath the surface? If so, great! We need you to help us with the following:

  • Observing, listening, and engaging with customers carefully so you understand what they need and what will make them happy
  • Always ensuring that food and beverages are served to customers the moment they are ready for service
  • Staying up-to-date on our changing food and beverage menus, and having a good understanding of the key ingredients and provenance of all of our products
  • Maintaining the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in all front-of-house equipment and facilities
  • Always ensuring a fantastic customer experience, even in difficult scenarios.

There is so much more to your role than waiting tables. We will help you develop your professional qualities and full potential for a career in this industry.

FOR ALL OF OUR ROLES we don't expect you to do it without excellent ongoing training in food, beverages, and customer hospitality. We need positive people who understand the unique challenges that come with building a new business, and are flexible and creative enough to deal with uncertainty in a professional way when it arises.

- Mike